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The DSO, stands for "Days Sales Outstanding", it is the most commonly used indicator to measure the payment time granted to your customers. It is the ratio between the amount of your receivables and the turnover VAT. Several methods of calculation exist, with more or less relevance according to the organizations, the sectors of activity and the organization of the customer cycle.
The cash culture - it is integrating, in addition to the concerns of profit and loss account and profitability, the cash dimension in its actions. Cash culture covers many aspects of the business, often materialized by the three major cycles of inventories, customers and suppliers. Cash is not the only prerogative of the finance function. Each operational impacts the process by its actions. Here are some examples:
  • R & D teams influence design choices (type of materials, number of common parts, industrial processes, etc.) that will have cash impacts during production and purchasing
  • The Industrial and Production teams impact the cash cycle in their choice of supply, in the organization and production methods, the storage and stock coverage policy
  • Purchasing teams impact the cash cycle in supplier negotiations, through payment deadlines, batch size, etc. The sales teams impact the cash cycle during commercial negotiations (deadlines and payment method, customer recovery) and the animation of the customer portfolio.
It is a software offer in the "Cloud", which means that the software application is only and exclusively available on smartphone applications or via a simple web browser.
You have no technical or maintenance investment to make
You pay to use, not to own. You benefit from regular updates and the latest technologies. Our SaaS offer includes technical and corrective maintenance, hosting, backup and security of your data, as well as product developments
CashNow reduces the amount of receivables by reducing late payment and litigation. Our solution makes it possible to spread cash culture to the operational teams and thus optimize the treasury of your company.
In each commercial activity, whether Industrial or Service, CashNow allows the reduction of the receivables, the optimization of the treasury and the spreading of the Cash culture.
Our economic and technical model allows us to adapt to your requirements and your organization.
CashNow is used wherever the financial relationship is a concern.
The use of CashNow is done on 3 levels:
  • The first level concerns operational staff in contact with customers. According to organizations and sectors of activity: managers, sales force, call operators, partners and collaborators of intellectual services firms, etc...
  • The second level concerns the management and financial functions (accounting, collection, mainly cash) especially for the coordination of the actions, the measurement of the performance and the reporting.
  • The third level concerns management functions such as the General Management or the Administrative and Financial Department.
The implementation of our solution is carried out in 3 phases, with first the configuration and then the training and finally the deployment. The overall process is very fast, and usually takes place between 3 and 4 weeks depending on the case, and in some cas could less than 1 week.
As a SaaS solution, available on the internet and on Smartphone, CashNow covers the whole globe. CashNow is available in several languages.
We believe that your data is one of the most valuable assets for you. That's why we put in place a high level of security within our IT infrastructure. Our data center is hosted on our partner's world-class sites. These have the most rigorous levels in terms of physical and technical security.
Access to our applications is secured by user profiles and passwords. Access on Smartphone can be cut remotely, even if lost or stolen.
All data is hosted in France on dedicated servers.
All data is hosted on secure servers and is backed up daily, as well as redundant on dedicated servers.
Our business model is transparent. This is based on the rental and use of our services. You pay to use and not to own. You pay rents for our CashNow offer, and fees for our Consulting services.
We are Experts in the Optimization of Working Capital and Client Management Technologies. With more than 20 years of cumulative experience, our founders have gained valuable experience in value creation, enabling them to support you in achieving your cash goals. Our team has a strong cash and financial culture, particularly acquired in audit and consulting firm.
CashNowMobile is majority-owned by its founders and private investors