We put at your disposal our operational expertise acquired over the years by our consultants. We offer many courses to help you to achieve your goals. Depending on your challenges and issues, your organization and the targeted audience, we build with you an adapted training.

Training to our solution

Depending on the profiles (sales, operation, finance), we organize an adapted training plan guaranteeing you a quick ownership and a complete autonomy.

Training / cash awareness

We support you in setting up a sustainable cash culture at each level of the organization through a pragmatic approach.

We propose in particular:

  • Understanding and assimilating the main issues with working capital and cash.
  • Identifying the impact of daily actions in terms of cash.
  • Acquiring the right reflexes.
  • Knowing how to identify the customers risk.

Audience generally targeted: sales department

Training in good practices of managing the receivables

  • Risk analysis.
  • Billing process and document management (project activity).
  • Prevention of unpaid bills and litigation
  • Cash collection techniques and litigation management.
  • Performance measurement and key indicators.

Audience generally targeted: trade and accounting / cash collection

Supporting you in change management

Our team of expert consultants supports you in the definition and execution of the change:

  • Identification of strategic points and key success factors.
  • Evolution of remuneration.
  • Communication plan.